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Welcome to the Inner Guide Podcast with your host Isabel S Churchill. This is a podcast that will help you journey back to yourself. Every week will be an exploration of an aspect of yourself and how you can rediscover who you truly are!

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Tuesday Oct 04, 2022

In this episode, Isabel share about the energy work and how the collective energy can affect our own energy. 

Monday Sep 26, 2022

Death is never an easy subject to discuss... but that doesn't mean we have to avoid it. What if death had a different meaning or a different role in our life? Let's explore this. 

Tuesday Sep 20, 2022

A spiritual initiation is a moment in our life when we face a huge challenge and step beyond the state of discomfort. I had one of those experience and today's podcast is all about that experience. 

Monday Sep 12, 2022

The twin flame relationship is often (not to say always!) a tricky one. In this episode, Isabel explains the goal and the phases of that relationship to better equip you to move through it with grace and not lose yourself completely!

Tuesday Sep 06, 2022

We have something that nobody can take away from us, that something is our power to discern. In this episode we explore how you can master that power and ensure that you always have the inner guidance to move forward on your journey. 

Tuesday Aug 30, 2022

To discuss the concept of Inner Child work, I have invited my friend Lu who is a subject matter expert! She helped me through my process of reconnecting with my inner child and thought you would love to learn more about it. 
If you feel guided to reach out to Lu, here's how to find her:

Tuesday Aug 23, 2022

Some are afraid of their shadows...but I say face it! It's the best thing you could do and will find a beautiful aspect of yourself .

Tuesday Aug 16, 2022

Have you ever wonder why those who help everyone end up not being helped when in need? Or maybe you've tried to attract a great life and it's not workin? The answer is simple...Boundaries!

Tuesday Aug 09, 2022

We aren't just build from a physical and mind body. There is a lot more to us to explore, it's time to explore your energy body. 

Tuesday Aug 02, 2022

Who is in control of your mind? Your Ego or your Inner Guide? Time to master your thoughts.

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