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Welcome to the Inner Guide Podcast with your host Isabel S Churchill. This is a podcast that will help you journey back to yourself. Every week will be an exploration of an aspect of yourself and how you can rediscover who you truly are!

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3 days ago

Have you ever wonder why those who help everyone end up not being helped when in need? Or maybe you've tried to attract a great life and it's not workin? The answer is simple...Boundaries!

Tuesday Aug 09, 2022

We aren't just build from a physical and mind body. There is a lot more to us to explore, it's time to explore your energy body. 

Tuesday Aug 02, 2022

Who is in control of your mind? Your Ego or your Inner Guide? Time to master your thoughts.

Thursday Jul 28, 2022

The physical body is probably the most important aspect to consider when you are journeying toward yourself. Unfortunately, it is often ignored or completely forgotten by its occupant.

Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

Isabel will talk about how the present moment has been influenced by the past and how you can better appreciate the current moment. 

Tuesday Jul 26, 2022

Welcome to the first episode of the Inner Guide podcast. In this first episode, you will be introduced to your host, Isabel S Churchill. She will be your guide on this journey back to you!  Isabel S Churchill is the owner of two successful businesses, École de guérison énergétique (School of energy healing) & Inner Guide Center. She has dedicated her life to support and help other find their inner light and shine bright!  You can find her at her local office in Fairfax, VA:

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